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Appraisals In The Cloud

The Appraisals App allows you to schedule, carry out & analyse your staff appraisals from anywhere. Its a streamlined system that will free your time and leave you rest assured that you are carrying out the best staff reviews possible.

Tailored for You

Get up and running in minutes by using one of our templates, or dive in and create your own for each job role within your company. Once the templates have been assigned reviewers can start an appraisal within seconds.

With Smart Reporting.

The appraisals app has a whole bunch of reporting features that will give you insights into your workforce's perfomance and much more.



A control panel that helps you keep on top of things, manage your team, view your schedule & quickly start a new appraisal.


You get a whole bunch of appraisal templates out of the box, tailored to popular job roles. If they don’t cut it, you can edit them or create your own using the templates editor.


When signing off an appraisal you are prompted to set a date for the next one. When that day comes, you and the employee will be notified by email.

User Management

Set up your entire workforce instantly via .csv upload. Each reviewer builds ‘teams’ of colleagues they will be reviewing.

Cloud Hosted

Free yourself of file management! All data is seamlessly and securely stored in the cloud for instant access whenever and wherever you need it.


Want to re-locate to a cafe to run an appraisal? No problem, just grab your laptop, smartphone or tablet and you’re away. The app runs beautifully from any browser on any internet connected device.

Multiple User Roles

Assign each user an an access role - they can be an employee, a reviewer or an administrator. Each role allows for varying levels of access across the site.

Employee Survey

After every appraisal the employee is asked to fill out an anonymous survey, giving you insights into how happy your workforce are, how fair each reviewer is perceived to be, and much more.

Reporting & .CSV

A rich variety of reporting is offered, giving you insights on your workforce and your business. All key data is available as .csv exports, which can be easily imported into Excel.


At the end of the appraisal set goals for the next one. When that comes around, the employee is marked on those goals.

Theming & Branding

Want the app to match the personality of your business? - no problem! You can change the colour scheme, switch the background and add your company logo to the header.

Rolling Updates

This app is primed & ready to revolutionise your appraisals practice, but we’re not going to rest on our laurels. New features and updates will be added on a regular basis at no extra cost to you, so watch this space!

Appraisals App is a beautiful and easy to use service. It's perfect for my company and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others. It's made my appraisals quicker and more effective.

Eve Myhill - Managing Director, Gnu Films.

Do Better appraisals, free your time.